Summer Youvetsi — Καλοκαιρινό Γιουβέτσι

Here’s a summery, light take on the traditional Greek dish Youvetsi (lamb baked in a tomato sauce with orzo). I’ve taken some chicken thighs (the skin of which I removed to keep things light), seasoned them with a sprinkling of Sweet Smoked Paprika, salt and freshly ground pepper and simmered them with fresh bell pepper, onion, garlic and a juicy red tomato. A healthy dose of fresh parsley livens it all up and creamy orzocooked directly in the tomato sauce tops off this healthy dish. Try this and I promise you that in no time at all you’ll have a

Frosting for the Cause

Please take a look at my guest post today on Frosting for the Cause, a 365 project where cookie/cupcake makers & bloggers are baking away to help make a difference. Join the cause to raise funds and awareness for research into women’s cancers today because together we can bake a difference!

Corfu, Σύκομαϊδα and Some Summer Images to Warm Your Soul

Since many of you are probably still braving the cold and wishing for warmer days (here in New York we are still tiptoeing into spring), I thought I’d share some photos of last summer’s trip to Greece to momentarily whisk you away… and entice you to start planning your Greek summer getaway today. I already described Kalymnos and gave you some tips to plan your visit there in a previous post. Today, I’ll be sharing some information on an island on the opposite side of the country, Kerkyra, otherwise known as Corfu. 

An Ode to Kalymnos … and Octopus and Squid with Capers and Grape Tomatoes

I’m excited and quite proud! Andrew Zimmern featured Kalymnos (and Athens, to be fair) on Travel Channel’s Bizarre Foods last night. It was a great episode, one of the best I’ve seen in a long time (not that I am partial or anything). I’m actually shocked that, of all the islands, Kalymnos was chosen to be highlighted. The episode painted a beautiful picture of Greece on the whole but even more so of our lovely island of Kalymnos:  quaint; breathtakingly beautiful; extremely hospitable; friendly, generous people in a place where traditions and

Noodle Kugel

A little bit pudding, a little bit casserole, Kugel is a centuries-old Jewish dish traditionally served as a side sometimes a dessert that has undergone many transformations. Most commonly made from egg noodles or potatoes combined with eggs and/or milk, cream or soft cheese, a Kugel can be sweet or savory, maybe even a little bit of both. The other day, my eye caught some Greek egg noodles (hilopites or χυλοπίτες) idly hanging around in a kitchen canister and I swear the first thing I thought to make with them was Kugel.

Moroccan Temrika Meslalla — Garlic Beef with Cracked Green Olives

I ordered a Moroccan cookbook, Cooking at the Kasbah by Kitty Morse, last week and after impatiently waiting a whole three days for it to be delivered, it finaly arrived and I eagerly thumbed through its pages the second it did. The following day, I didn’t hesitate to try my hand at the first recipe that caught my eye: Temrika Meslalla or Garlic Beef with Cracked Green Olives. Moroccan cuisine is extremely diverse with notable Berber, Moorish, Mediterranean and Arab influences. Temrika Meslalla, it is said, is a dish typically served on the eve of the Sabbath

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