Kotopoulo me Kappari kai Pilafi me Fide — Chicken Roasted with Capers and Rice-Fide Pilaf

I have a strange affinity for capers. I love their briney, tart taste and when cooking with them I often leave a handful out to just nibble on while dinner simmers. My husband, on the other hand, is not at all keen on these little green buds, so he pushes them to the side whenever he sees them in his dish. I’m pretty sure most people have seen or eaten capers before, but just in case you were curious to know: Capers are the unripened flower buds of Capparis Spinosa, a perennial plant that is native to the Mediterranean and some parts of Asia. Once harvested, the buds

Pasxa/Easter 2009

Christos Anesti! Easter is my favorite holiday of all. From the start of Lent on Clean Monday to Easter Sunday, the days are rich with meaning and purpose. And each year, I can’t help but feel a distinct sense of renewal as we partake in all the religious traditions, the cultural celebrations and the family gatherings associated with this beautiful holiday. Holy Week symbolizes an important week of religious observances and preparations for the holiday; there are church services held twice daily and on some days morning, afternoon and evening. In our family, we

Kali Anastasi

Kali Anastasi kai Kalo Pascha! Happy Easter — health, love and happiness to all!

Savvato tou Lazarou–Saturday of Lazarus

My fondest and most vibrant childhood memories are almost always centered around my family’s Easter preparations and celebrations. So many emotions come flooding back with a mere glimpse of all the women in the family gathered around the kitchen table making koulourakia on Holy Monday; with all the children coloring eggs in vibrant primary colors as used in Greece early on Holy Thursday; with the entire family getting ready to walk over to our church on Good Friday to follow the procession of the “Epitaphio”; with the men carrying in the baby lamb on

Sikoti me Kremmydia kai Hilopites–Calf’s Liver with Caramelized Onions over Egg Pasta

Want a meal packed with flavor and vitamins that’s ready in mere minutes? I sure do and that’s why I turned to this dish the other night when trying to put together a healthy meal for my husband and children while simultaneously working on two cake orders. To be honest, growing up I only enjoyed liver on Holy Saturday, when we’d break the fast held throughout Lent with a meal including fried sweetbreads, fried liver and patsa (tripe soup). As an adult, I still enjoy it on this sacred holiday but also like to include liver in my diet, and my

Ouzo Mezedes, Part II

Anise-flavored ouzo pairs well with seafood, so it was a given that octopus, shrimp, mussels and some small fish would have to make up the menu for our Foodbuzz 24, 24, 24: Greek Ouzo Tasting … in New York. There were also some chicken kabobs, sauteed potatoes, manitaropita (mushroom pie) and much more for guests to munch on as they sipped their ouzo. So here’s the last installment (finally!) of Ouzo Mezedes we served: Garides se Kantaifi me Pikantiki Magioneza–Shrimp Wrapped in Kataifi with Spicy Remoulade (Shrimp in Kataifi adapted from a recipe in

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