Auga me Ntomata–Eggs with Tomatoes

I’m not typically a breakfast person. As much as I love food and cooking, there’s something about eating (be it toast, cereal, croissant, eggs, pancakes, etc., etc.) early in the morning (say, before 10:00 a.m.) that makes my stomach turn. It’s been a problem since I was a kid: my mom would obviously want me to eat something before school and follow that something with a tall glass of milk … I get nauseous just thinking about it. Don’t get me wrong–I love all types of breakfast foods and I especially like milk, but again, after about

Keik me Fraoules kai Karydia–Strawberry Walnut Loaf

Strawberry season is on and our local fruit and vegetable markets are brimming with containers of these ripe red berries. The kiddies can eat an entire quart in the blink of an eye so I barely ever get to set some aside for anything (or, ehem, anyone) else. But as strawberries now are ridiculously fresh and really inexpensive, I didn’t hesitate to buy a few extra the other day. I love quick fresh cakes that double as a breakfast option and a healthy snack. So it was a no-brainer that any extra strawberries on hand would make it into one such sweet treat. Moist, just

Spetzofai se Kantaifi — Sausage and Peppers over Kataifi

Spetzofai (sausage and peppers) is a common enough dish but one I don’t think I can easily get tired of. It’s definitely a rustic dish and one a little less visually appealing than a food blogger might like, but when done right it can be unbelievably flavorful. I came across this recipe on the Greek Web site Kathimerini and thought it was a great twist to the traditional Spetzofai. Kataifi is typically used in Greek desserts but there are so many savory applications it can be used towards as well (see these Shrimp Wrapped in Kataifi). So, when some

Fassolakia me Koukounaria kai Katsikisio Tyri–Green Bean, Pine Nut and Goat Cheese Salad

For some strange reason it had been a really long time since we’d had green beans. I don’t know why … the kids adore them, my husband loves them and I enjoy them too. But for most of this winter whatever green beans made it to our local fruit and vegetable markets looked kind of drab and lifeless … never making it into my shopping basket. The other day though I came upon a fresh batch of slender green beans and I picked two bags right up. I was roasting some whole chicken legs again that day and I decided I wanted a light side dish to accompany

Ravani tis Mamas — Mom’s Ravani

My mom’s most sought after desserts by our family and friends are her Ravani and Baklava. My personal favorite, by far, has always been her Ravani. This moist semolina cake sweetened by just the right amount of cinnamon-scented syrup is sublime. This Ravani was one of the first desserts I made for my husband and it quickly became one of his favorites as well. Some time ago, he even treated his co-workers to some and as such I bake a large pan every couple of months for him to bring to the office. This special Ravani makes an appearance at pretty much every one of

Trahanas me Ntomata kai Feta–Trahanas with Tomato and Feta

The other day my husband came home with a package–well, a few packages. Our latest shipment of olive oil, which my father-in-law and mother-in-law send us straight from Agrinio every few months, was in and my hubby drove to Astoria to pick it all up from one of the many Greek shipping companies based there. In the past, my in-laws have managed to send along a couple of large containers of olive oil as well as a small container of Kalamata olives or some Feta cheese preserved in salt water. With this shipment, however, we not only received our oil and olives but a