Tyrokafteri — Τυροκαυτερή

One of my favorite Greek spreads/dips is a spicy combination of Feta and peppers whipped to heavenly smoothness and served with slices of crusty bread or toasted pita triangles. Known as tyrokafteri, this dip comes in many forms as some prepare it with spicy green peppers, others with red; some with yogurt, others without; and still some with additional cheeses, while others with just quality Feta.

Sofrito — Σωφρίτο

Kali Hronia! That’s Greek for Happy New Year … and I would like to wish you all from the bottom of my heart a happy and healthy one. This year I hope to feature more Greek dishes than ever before and pass onto you some delicious recipes and maybe even some helpful insight (at least I’m hoping some of you think some of what I have to say is somewhat helpful!).  

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