Κυριακή των Βαΐων — Palm Sunday (and a yummy Tyropita)

Yesterday was Palm Sunday, which signaled the start of Holy Week for Orthodox Christians (and most Christians as Easter this year falls on the same day).  Palm Sunday is a feast day commemorating Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem in the days before His Passion. In the Greek Orthodox Church (as in many Christian churches), palm leaves tied into crosses are distributed to churchgoers at the end of the morning’s liturgy.

Mπουρδέτο (με Σκορπιούς) — Bourdetto (Stewed Scorpion Fish)

During my first visit to my husband’s family in Greece back in 2005, my husband’s late grandfather would talk to me every chance he got about three things each and every time I saw him: his late wife (my husband’s Giagia Sofia), his grandson (my husband) and his favorite dish (Bourdetto). He would mention this dish repeatedly every time I would visit him in his apartment in Athens and then finally one warm October afternoon, I sat down to lunch with him to try his favorite dish.

Ρεβίθια στο Φούρνο (της Καλύμνου) — Baked Chickpeas (from Kalymnos)

Traditionally a dish enjoyed on Sundays throughout Lent, Ρεβίθια στο Φούρνο (Baked Chickpeas) are a staple on the island of Kalymnos (I’m sure I’ve said before that’s the island from which my family is from?!). In the past, women would layer the chickpeas, onions, rosemary and olive oil in a clay pot (πήλινο in Greek), seal it and place the clay pot in an outdoor stone oven to slowly cook from Saturday night. By the time they returned from church services Sunday morning, the meal was ready to be shared with the family.

Pulled Chicken Sliders

The minute I saw this recipe on Elly’s site, Elly Says Opa!, I knew I had to try it. So, this Saturday when we had my sisters and cousins over for a much-needed get-together (including food, drinks, good conversation and great laughs), I did just that.

Σαλάτα με Πένες, Nτομάτα, Kρεμμυδάκια και Βινεγκρέτ Bαλσαμικό — Simple Past

Spring is in the air and I am already wanting to eat lighter. We’ve had some beautiful weather here in New York–a stark contrast to the snowy conditions experienced a mere 10 days ago–so it’s only natural I now want to eat dishes with vibrant, fresh flavors that require little to no effort/cooking (because that extra time should really be spent letting the kiddies release some of that pent up energy playing outside; or releasing my own pent up energy playing outside for that matter).

Pork Braised with White Wine — Χοιρινό στη Γάστρα με Λευκό Kρασί

Pork loin? Pork butt? Pork shoulder picnic? Tenderloin? Loin chops?  Pork leg? Pork riblets? What’s your favorite cut? I’m a pork country-style rib kinda girl myself. Oh, and the tenderloin cut is pretty darn good … and let’s not forget the shoulder picnic cut that when roasted to divine tenderness is sheer perfection.

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