Mediterranean Burgers

Sometimes a girl has to quench her craving for a good burger, right? That doesn”t necessarily mean hitting the local fast food joint though …  on the contrary, for me it means whipping up some flavorful burgers right here at home. My latest creation: these Mediterranean Burgers packed with tangy Kalamata olives, fresh herbs and savory beef. These burgers were GOOD. Seriously, they were.

I topped my Mediterranean Burgers with some cool Greek yogurt whipped with minced garlic, slices of pungent red onion and served them on homemade rolls. Judging from my husband’s emphatic “ooohs” and ”aaaahs,” and my kids’ “mmmmmms” I’ll be making these again soon … real soon!

On a warmer day, I’d love to throw these on the barbecue, but for now the stove-top grill pan is a good alternative.

Mediterranean Burgers

1 lb. ground beef
2 scallions, finely chopped
1/4 cup chopped parsley
1/2 cup chopped Kalamata olives
1/3 cup panko breadcrumbs
1 egg
1 tablespoon olive oil
Salt and freshly ground pepper

Greek yogurt mixed with minced garlic
Fresh rolls
Red onion, sliced

In a large bowl, combine the beef with the scallions, parsley, olives, breadcrumbs, olive oil, salt and freshly ground pepper. Knead the beef mixture with your hand. Adjust seasonings to taste and if the mixture is too wet to form into patties, add additional breadcrumbs;  if it is too dry, add a but of olive oil. Set the bowl aside for about a 1/2 hour.

Heat stovetop grill pan over high heat or prepare outdoor grill accordingly. Form the beef mixture into large patties making sure to press the center of the patties in so as to provide for more even cooking. Add to the grill pan and cook each burger just about 3 minutes per side until browned well. Top the burgers with garlic yogurt and sliced red onion and serve in buns or rolls.

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15 Responses to “Mediterranean Burgers”

  1. Rosa says:

    To die for! Those burgers look incredibly tempting!



  2. Joan Nova says:

    Wow – one needs a pretty wide mouth to take a bite but it’s delicious enough looking to make every effort! :)

  3. Yap, sometimes a burger is very neccessary! I love addition of kalamatas ..mmmmm :)

  4. Sook says:

    The burgers look fabulous! Love all the goodies you put in the patties! Mmm!

  5. Ivy says:

    There’s nothing like a good homemade burger. Although I am not a fan of beef mince I used to make them with pork mixed with beef and now my favourite are with turkey.

  6. Peter says:

    If you’re going to make a burger, make them right and make them with juicy beef, stack high as you have!

  7. Cherine says:

    This burger is so tempting!! I’m completely drooling !!

  8. Elizabeth says:

    This looks fabulous! I am SO making this, and soon – a girl’s gotta have her burger. Thanks again for the wonderful inspiration.

  9. Homemade burger has been on my to cook list, but never know which recipe is good to try, yours look so inviting, I have to try soon and grill them in our garden.

  10. Wonderful burgers, I love the addition of parsley and olives!

  11. The burger looks truly delicious! I especially love the meat patties!

  12. Yummo Maria! they look divine! Love the addition of yoghurt too as a filling.

  13. Erica says:

    Love the addition of olives!!!! Sounds fantastic!

  14. elly says:

    Yum, Maria! Those look delicious. I have some beef thawing right now and I was planning on making keftedes, but I may have a change of plans!

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