Foodbuzz 24×24: Grilling Greek

Memorial Day: the last Monday in May, a day of remembrance for those who died in our nation’s service, the official opening of our beaches and the unofficial start of summer. And nothing says summer like an All-American barbecue. So for this month’s Foodbuzz 24×24 event, we decided to “unofficially” usher in the new season by Grilling Greek to honor our Greek-American roots. Friends and family gathered in the yard yesterday where we enjoyed the warm weather by grilling some Greek-inspired dishes.

Strawberry, Cardamom and Cream Cake — Τούρτα με Φράουλες, Κάρδαμο και Σαντιγύ

When I was younger I refrained from eating strawberries because every time I did I broke out in hives. I used to say I was allergic. Well, that depends on how you define allergic: does one or two hives count? Never mind that now because I devoured a large piece of this cake I made when we were invited over to friends’ for a barbecue the other day … and nothing happened. Actually, I’ve eaten strawberries innumerable times since I grew out of my paranoiac pre-teen years and I haven’t seen a single hive since.

Rib Eye Steaks Topped with Sauteed Orange Peppers and Tomatoes

Summer’s in the air. The humidity forecast for tomorrow is a definite indicator. No worries. After a long winter and an unreasonably cool spring, it’s welcomed … at least by me. It’s no wonder I was craving a dish lighter and brighter in flavor tonight. So when I pulled out some rib eye steaks I’d stowed away in the freezer a couple of weeks ago, my thoughts instantly turned to Steak Pizzaiola.

Peppers Stuffed with Rice and Mushrooms — Πιπεριές Γεμιστές με Ρύζι και Μανιτάρια

I spotted these bright orange peppers in the market last week and instantly piled them up in a bag. Although I knew they’d be perfect sliced thin into a fresh salad or tossed with some pasta and grape tomatoes, I also wanted to try them stuffed as I’ve only ever prepared gemista (the classic Greek staple of rice/meat stuffed vegetables) with red/green peppers and tomatoes.

Savory Custards with Spinach and Cheese

The Royal Foodie Joust took a short hiatus but it is back and we are all hoping with a vengeance. What’s the Royal Foodie Joust you ask? I’m pretty sure if you’re a blogger, you  already know by now that it is a friendly competition hosted by Jenn, The Leftover Queen, every month to rally some competitive gusto and get bloggers to strut  their [culinary] stuff.

Garlicky Squid and Spinach Tsigareli — Σκορδάτα Kαλαμάρακια με Σπανάκι Τσιγαρέλι

Spinach: Not the most kid-friendly vegetable, you’ve got to admit. So when I put a heaping dish of this Garlicky Squid with Spinach Tsigareli in front of the kids the other day, it’s no wonder they kept pushing the green leafy strands to the edge of the dish and asking instead for more squid to compensate. Can’t blame them can you? Let’s just hope they’ll grow out of it one day; they’ll be missing out if they don’t. 

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