Pasta with Peas in a Minted Cream Sauce — Ζυμαρικά με Aρακά και Δυόσμο

The mint growing out in our garden is already flourishing so I was eager to use it in a light, vibrant pasta dish the other day. It had also been a long while since I’d cooked with heavy cream and as I had some in the fridge leftover from a dessert made a week or so ago, I decided to use it in this extremely simple, quick, family-friendly creamy pasta with peas and fresh mint.  This dish takes mere minutes to prepare, but then again most pasta dishes are ready before you can even say, “Al Dente!”

Leek and Scallion Tart — Τάρτα με Πράσα

I needed a quick appetizer/starter when I found out we’d be having company last minute a couple of weekends ago. So, in a frenzy I threw open the fridge and grabbed the leeks, scallions and parsley that were in the vegetable drawer, the eggs from the bottom shelf, some cheese from its appropriate drawer and the milk from the fridge’s top shelf. At this point, I was thinking a quiche or tart was the way to go.  

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