Kalymnos, home of the sponge divers, is the Greek island my family is from.

Food is more than a physical necessity: how we acquire it, how we prepare it, how we consume it and who we consume it with is so rich with meaning. As in so many countries around the world, food and cooking play an enormous role in Greek culture. Growing up as a first generation Greek-American has afforded me the opportunity to experience that firsthand; to recognize the importance of food in Greek holidays, cultural traditions and, even more importantly, in daily life.


The idyllic island of Kalymnos is part of Greece's Dodecanissa, a group of islands that dot the eastern Aegean.

I keep the recipes of my mother, grandmothers and aunts close at hand and although I’ve embraced a multitude of foreign cuisines over the years, the traditional Greek dishes I’ve grown to cherish remain dearest to my heart. Kali Orexi (literally translated to Good Appetite) is the term echoed on the tables of families sitting down to a meal all across Greece, or in any corner of the world where Greeks can be found.

I believe the dishes made by one who is passionate about cooking offer a glimpse into the soul. I’m happy to share this glimpse into mine. So, please dig into the delicious pages throughout this Greek food blog; it would be my pleasure to have you and remember  …  Kali Orexi!