Short ribs are one of my favorite cuts of beef. The other day I decided to stray away from my usual braising of the ribs with different vegetables and try them out in a specialty dish from Kerkyra, known as pastitsada. I’ve tried many versions of this dish across Kerkyra, some made with rooster and others with beef. My favorites have never been based on which meat (I’ve enjoyed both the rooster and the beef) but always on the sauce. For me, the more the spices the better. I made my version with loads of cinnamon and cloves, bay leaves and some red

Phylla from Kalymnos

My family comes from a relatively small island in Greece’s Dodecanese known as Kalymnos. It’s a fairly dry island with rugged cliffs famous for rock-climbing. And those cliffs are latent with thyme which makes for a distinctly sweet aroma across the entire island—at least that’s how I see it. The thyme also makes for amazing honey, which I love and smuggle (shhh …) back to the States every chance I get (but that’ll be the topic of a later post). Personally, I think Kalymnos is the most beautiful island I have ever been to (Biased? Me? You think?!).

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