Chicken Stuffed with Trahanas

So, I picked up some trahanas from one of the many Greek specialty shops here in New York last week and decided that aside from the traditional soup I often make, I wanted to do something more with these tasty, tangy tidbits. I should note that there are two types of trahanas, sour and sweet, and to be honest I have only ever had the sour type. I don’t believe the sweet version is used differently and am pretty sure, although labeled as “sweet,” it is just not as sour as the other variety. In case you are wondering, which some of you probably are

Pork with Quince — Hoirino Kydonato

A couple of weeks ago, while at my local fruit and vegetable market, I spotted some quince (kydonia in Greek) and having recently seen recipes featuring quince on a number of yummy blogs I follow, (namely Kopiaste, Food Junkie not junk food, Mediterranean Cooking in Alaska and Kalofagas), I decided to give this versatile fruit a go. Quince, related to apples and pears, are somewhat pear-shaped and yellow in color. According to sources, the quince likely preceded the apple and is more likely to have been the oft referred to “golden apple” in Greek mythology.

Soutzoukakia Me Hilopitakia (Greek Meatballs and Egg Pasta in Tomato Sauce)

I’ve mentioned before that I love pasta, but seriously, who doesn’t? Carbs schmarbs. Pasta is great and it shouldn’t be something anyone purposely avoids eating. Everything is fine in moderation–although I can probably eat a serving of pasta a day. That doesn’t mean that I do of course. Pasta is, however, something I usually make about once a week. My husband loves the basic linguine or fettuccine and he’s not too keen on other shapes or forms of pasta. The kids–like their mother–eat anything put in front of them.

It’s a Pirate’s World

As you can probably guess, the theme of my son’s birthday party last weekend was ... PIRATES! I had so much fun making invitations, decorating the house, the cupcakes and the cake for this theme–and my son’s satisfaction with everything we did and the grisly “AARGH!” he’d exclaim every time he saw a skull and crossbones (he just turned “2″ so the way he says it is just so darn cute), was the icing on the cake. We had quite a few guests: I reiterate, we are a BIG family; add to that a plethora of friends and you’ve


Short ribs are one of my favorite cuts of beef. The other day I decided to stray away from my usual braising of the ribs with different vegetables and try them out in a specialty dish from Kerkyra, known as pastitsada. I’ve tried many versions of this dish across Kerkyra, some made with rooster and others with beef. My favorites have never been based on which meat (I’ve enjoyed both the rooster and the beef) but always on the sauce. For me, the more the spices the better. I made my version with loads of cinnamon and cloves, bay leaves and some red

Shepherd’s Pie … with a Twist

Comfort food is, without a doubt, a necessity during fall and winter. There’s nothing more satisfying than a warm stew, a hearty soup or a savory pie. As we turned on the heat in our home the other day, I finally settled into cold weather mode and got to thinking about which comfort foods need to make their way to our dinner table from here on out. Pastitsio, moussaka, hmmm … then my thoughts turned to a post I read a couple of weeks ago on Giff and Lisl’s The Constables’ Larder in which the duo featured their favorite comfort food,

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