Ready, Set … Holidays!

Thanksgiving came and went as did my son’s second birthday party. Of course, I overcooked, overextended myself and over-thought everything. But in the end I am thrilled that my family and friends all were left satisfied with my efforts and more so with being in each others’ company. I’ll admit I was exhausted this Sunday. Cooking and baking for what I thought was going to be a party of just over 20 on Thanksgiving day and then doing it all over again for a party of 45 two days later proved quite tiring. But with a little organization and planning I

Thanksgiving Preparations

This is just a quick, short post to say Happy Thanksgiving as I am knee deep in turkey, sweet potatoes, cranberries and the like. I started all my prep work today and finished some of my make-ahead items (i.e. the apple cranberry chutney and a couple of desserts). Tomorrow will be quite hectic, but I look forward to everyone gathering at our house for some good food, good drinks and above all, good company. Our “feast” will start off with some appetizers: tzulamas (a pork, currant and pistachio pie); kopanisti (a gorgonzola, feta and roasted tomato spread) with

November Royal Foodie Joust

Acorn squash, orange and sage. At first glance, the ingredients seem easy enough–three fall flavors that should effortlessly complement each other. But when I started to tackle this month’s Royal Foodie Joust, my first, I realized the task at hand was a little harder than I had imagined. My first instinct was to make a souffle. Then I thought of a creamy soup. But as visions of Thanksgiving fare danced through my head, I ultimately settled on these acorn squash rings brushed with an orange-sage butter and filled with an apple and sausage stuffing. It’s

Thank You

As I have been trying to get the hang of this whole blogging thing, I’ve forgotten to formally thank one individual who has ventured to show me the ropes. Ivy of Kopiaste has been kind enough to act as my blog’s “Nona” (Greek for Godmother) and I thank her dearly for explaining many a things regarding the blogging process and for making me feel like I have known her for years, even though we’ve exchanged only a few e-mails for just under a month. I especially thank her for awarding me, among others, the: Ivy, your acknowledgment is greatly

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