Keik me Fraoules kai Karydia–Strawberry Walnut Loaf

Strawberry season is on and our local fruit and vegetable markets are brimming with containers of these ripe red berries. The kiddies can eat an entire quart in the blink of an eye so I barely ever get to set some aside for anything (or, ehem, anyone) else. But as strawberries now are ridiculously fresh and really inexpensive, I didn’t hesitate to buy a few extra the other day. I love quick fresh cakes that double as a breakfast option and a healthy snack. So it was a no-brainer that any extra strawberries on hand would make it into one such sweet treat. Moist, just

Ravani tis Mamas — Mom’s Ravani

My mom’s most sought after desserts by our family and friends are her Ravani and Baklava. My personal favorite, by far, has always been her Ravani. This moist semolina cake sweetened by just the right amount of cinnamon-scented syrup is sublime. This Ravani was one of the first desserts I made for my husband and it quickly became one of his favorites as well. Some time ago, he even treated his co-workers to some and as such I bake a large pan every couple of months for him to bring to the office. This special Ravani makes an appearance at pretty much every one of

Ginger Goodies from The Ginger People

So, back in February, Valentine’s Weekend to be exact, Jenn over at The Leftover Queen ran a giveaway dubbed the “Hearts of Fire” sponsored by The Ginger People and … drumroll please … I WON! The giveaway entailed submitting an idea for a Valentine’s Day dessert incorporating the company’s Ginger Sweeties. My entry was randomly drawn and a couple of weeks ago, I received this basket chockful of ginger goodies. The sweet prize contained three large boxes of the company’s Ginger Chews in three flavors (Spicy Apple, Hot Coffee

Blackberry and Mascarpone Buttercream Filled Cake

Let me begin by saying I’ve cooked for 50-plus people a number of times; I’ve baked every one of my daughter’s and son’s birthday cakes for the past four years (6 cakes total and probably hundreds of cupcakes); I’ve made a cake and numerous cupcakes for the birthdays of my niece and a few of our friends’ children; but I was never so nervous about any of those tasks as I was about this three-tiered cake I made for a friend’s bridal shower this past Sunday. With 53 eggs, 34 sticks of butter and I don’t even know how much sugar,

Troufes (Frozen Chocolate Truffles) for BloggerAid

Troufes are a Greek version of frozen chocolate truffles. They are a simple, sweet treat that can easily be made ahead and stored in the freezer to have on hand for any unexpected guests dropping by for an afternoon coffee/tea.I remember devouring these little chocolate confections as a kid when a friend of the family would make them for every birthday or holiday gathering she hosted. So, I recently decided to try my hand at Troufes and came up with this quick recipe, a tad different from those I ate as a child, but no less scrumptious. Want this recipe? You’ll have

Tsoureki Bread Pudding

Happy New Year everyone! I hope this year brings peace, joy, love, health and happiness to all. I ended 2008 with a festive dessert and decided to to start this new year off with a subtly sweet one that brings together some of my favorite things–tsoureki and pudding. My own Vassilopita (the traditional New Year’s cake made by Greek families) follows the tradition of my Giagia’s orange and cognac scented cake but many Greeks make a sweet bread-like version in the form of, what’s known in Greek as, tsoureki. One of my aunts gifted us with one

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