Auga me Ntomata–Eggs with Tomatoes

I’m not typically a breakfast person. As much as I love food and cooking, there’s something about eating (be it toast, cereal, croissant, eggs, pancakes, etc., etc.) early in the morning (say, before 10:00 a.m.) that makes my stomach turn. It’s been a problem since I was a kid: my mom would obviously want me to eat something before school and follow that something with a tall glass of milk … I get nauseous just thinking about it. Don’t get me wrong–I love all types of breakfast foods and I especially like milk, but again, after about

Keik me Fraoules kai Karydia–Strawberry Walnut Loaf

Strawberry season is on and our local fruit and vegetable markets are brimming with containers of these ripe red berries. The kiddies can eat an entire quart in the blink of an eye so I barely ever get to set some aside for anything (or, ehem, anyone) else. But as strawberries now are ridiculously fresh and really inexpensive, I didn’t hesitate to buy a few extra the other day. I love quick fresh cakes that double as a breakfast option and a healthy snack. So it was a no-brainer that any extra strawberries on hand would make it into one such sweet treat. Moist, just

Savvato tou Lazarou–Saturday of Lazarus

My fondest and most vibrant childhood memories are almost always centered around my family’s Easter preparations and celebrations. So many emotions come flooding back with a mere glimpse of all the women in the family gathered around the kitchen table making koulourakia on Holy Monday; with all the children coloring eggs in vibrant primary colors as used in Greece early on Holy Thursday; with the entire family getting ready to walk over to our church on Good Friday to follow the procession of the “Epitaphio”; with the men carrying in the baby lamb on

Ladokouloura me Mastiha kai Glykaniso Kai Pasta Elias–Savory Bread Rings w/ Mastic-Anise and an Olive Tapenade

Ladokouloura are an oil-based Greek biscuit/bread ring/biscotti that can take on a multitude of forms from sweet to savory. The sweet kind pair perfectly with a steamy cup of coffee or tea, while the savory are an ideal snack to offer up with some light meze or various dips and spreads. Aglaia Kremezi’s Foods of the Greek Islands features a flavorful recipe for ladokouloura, which I adapted here. Kremezi’s recipe is fairly simple enough (requiring the dough to merely make a few turns in the food processor followed by a little kneading by hand), but I wanted to

Rosemary and Mandarin Muffins

I’ve never really been a fan of rosemary. My Giagia used it only in her revithia (that’s Greek for chickpeas) and my mom … well, I don’t think my mom has ever used rosemary. Needless to say, it’s never been an herb I’ve gotten excited about. I used it with some lamb chops a while back (it may even be four years already), but there weren’t any oohs and aahs emanating from the dinner table that evening and I haven’t bought another bunch of rosemary since. That is until last week. I decided to give this fragrant herb

Tsoureki Bread Pudding

Happy New Year everyone! I hope this year brings peace, joy, love, health and happiness to all. I ended 2008 with a festive dessert and decided to to start this new year off with a subtly sweet one that brings together some of my favorite things–tsoureki and pudding. My own Vassilopita (the traditional New Year’s cake made by Greek families) follows the tradition of my Giagia’s orange and cognac scented cake but many Greeks make a sweet bread-like version in the form of, what’s known in Greek as, tsoureki. One of my aunts gifted us with one

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