Orecchiette “Paella” with Sausage and Clams

I was sure I’d created a winning recipe. But it was not to be … You see Johnsonville was running a contest in partnership with Tastespotting earlier this fall and I submitted this Orecchiette “Paella” with Italian Sausage recipe to them and although I still think it’s a winner, it didn’t make the cut. No worries. But I do hope I can persuade you to try it soon.

Kheer, Rizogalo, Rice Pudding … Creamy Cardamom-Scented Basmati Rice Pudding

My grandmother’s rizogalo (rice pudding) is ingrained in my memory for ages to come; she made it so often and always sent up half a dozen or so bowls for us to devour. When the smell of cinnamon would waft up the stairs from her apartment to ours, we knew what was coming! Her recipe was simplicity at its best: milk, rice, sugar and a dash of cinnamon. I’ve made it often and rarely veered from her always-delectable version. Until now.

Two Bean and Sausage Cassoulet

I’ve mentioned before all those beans I received from Marx Foods, right? So many beans, so little time … I put these beauties to great use again in this amazing Cassoulet.

Minestra Maritata (aka Italian Wedding Soup or Italian Meatball Soup)

It was a balmy 6 degrees outside when we woke up this morning. The day’s high temp registered at 22 degrees. It’s freezing here in New York to say the least. And when it’s freezing we cook and eat soup … and lots of it.

Tomato Sauce with Bittersweet Spanish Paprika and Spanish Olives over Spaghetti

I’ve been ogling many of the products on La Tienda for months … Jamon Serrano, Jamon Iberico, Chorizo, Manchego Cheese, Olives, Paprika, Paella Rice, Saffron. Kids may be in paradise surrounded by gumballs and lollipops but my eyes widen and my heart races whenever I visit this site chock full of artisanal Spanish food products. Seriously, I feel woozy and a little more lightheaded with each and every click on this site.

Technical Difficulties …

I’m experiencing some glitches here … all comments ever made on my site have disappeared from my WordPress Dashboard and when someone tries to fill out the comment form to leave a new comment, well, they can’t. My pleas for help on WordPress support forums have yielded no response whatsoever and I am not finding the advice I’ve read on others’ requests for help with similar problems to be helpful at all. So, I’m going to have to think about an overhaul … and that’s going to take some time. But I’ll be back … and

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