Insalata di Baccalà / Μπακαλιαρος Σαλάτα / Salt Cod Salad and Christmas Eve Traditions

For my family here in New York, Christmas Eve is always spent at my aunt & uncle’s home as my aunt has hosted the holiday every year for 30+ years in honor of my uncle’s nameday. The food we indulge in is usually a mix of typical Greek dishes as well as some Greek-American favorites: baked ham, pork/chicken “kabobs” with peppers and onions baked in a light tomato sauce, roast beef, pastitsio, roasted potatoes, taramosalata, tzatziki, spanakopita, tyropita and all the typical Greek Christmas sweets including kourambiedes, melomakarona and

Αμυγδαλωτά … Amygdalota: Greek Almond Cookies

My favorite cookies are Amygdalota (Αμυγδαλωτά): delicate Greek almond cookies that are slightly crisp on the outside and chewy and sweet on the inside. Topped with sliced almonds they are the perfect treat to enjoy with coffee or tea and I personally can’t get enough of them.

Baked Macaroni with a Ground Turkey, Red Pepper and Cumin Bolognese

Ground Turkey can be  a little bland, I know, but when you spruce it up with tons of great flavors (think red peppers, cumin, red wine, fresh thyme) it can turn into something really great. And that’s just what this Bolognese was.

Thanksgiving Ideas

Are you hosting Thanksgiving this year? I am and I’ve been planning what to make for weeks. Along with the usual suspects of turkey and the traditional Greek rice stuffing, I’m hoping to bring a couple of new flavors to our holiday table with a side dish of Creamed Onions and another of  Sauteed Kale and Mushrooms. Have you decided exactly what you’ll be serving? Are you sticking with tradition or cooking up something new?

Pumpkin and Coconut Milk Soup

Another pumpkin recipe … I know, I know … you’re probably all pumpkin-ed out. Honestly, I can’t blame you. There is A LOT of pumpkin being served up across the Web these days. But then again, I really did want to get this Pumpkin and Coconut Milk Soup recipe in because I thought it turned out so well.

Greek Pumpkin Pie / Pita (Kολοκυθόπιτα)

During our visit to Maskers Orchards in upstate New York a couple of weeks ago, along with the apples we got to pick ourselves we picked up some small pumpkins from the farm’s market … and paid just $3 for 4 pumpkins weighing about 3 to 4 pounds each. After decorating the dining room with these orange beauties for Halloween, I decided to start using them in the kitchen.

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