Rustic Lamb with Greens Beans, New Potatoes, Carrots and Tomato

Early this past summer, I received a package in the mail that came all the way from Hania, Crete. It was sent to me by Maria, of Organically Cooked, who had posted a short quiz on her site and then “raffled” a Cretan cookbook as a reward for participating. The book is Myrsini Lambraki’s Cretan Cuisine for Everyone and I’ve enjoyed leafing through its pages and reading about the hearty, rustic, often simple dishes it has to offer in addition to its insights on the ever healthy Cretan diet. I’ve prepared a few things to date one of which is

Mediterranean Cod and Hash Browns

I was going to wait until I made this dish again and actually got some decent photos in daylight before posting the recipe. But I was so impressed by its simplicity and great flavor, that I was too eager to wait. So here it goes …  Got a skillet? Got 30 to 45 minutes? I’m pretty darn sure you do and as such you’ve got no excuse not to try this healthy, flavorful meal on any given weeknight.

Apple Crisp, My Way

I made this apple crisp the other day: But before I indulge you and share this sweet and simple recipe, I’d like to take you on a short hike …

Beef Stir Fry, a Quick and Healthy Weeknight Meal

I often crave Asian flavors but don’t get to cook Asian dishes nearly as frequently as I’d like. And really, I have no excuse not to … we live just minutes from the second largest Asian community here in New York and I’ve got every Asian ingredient (common or exotic) right here at my fingertips.

Mussels and Squid in Thyme & White Wine over Linguine

Can I just start off by saying that your kitchen will smell divine as you’re simmering these Mussels and Squid in Thyme and White Wine? My stomach is rumbling just thinking about it … The delicate flavor of thyme does wonders when it’s combined with seafood and white wine … The result is something light and aromatic and full of flavor.

Arugula, Baby Spinach, Cherry Tomato, Gorgonzola Salad with Cretan Rusk Croutons

Sometimes the best recipes are those you throw together without much thought; with little effort; but with utterly delicious results. Those recipes you enjoy regularly but think maybe they’re too simple, too humble to share with others. For instance, this stand-by salad was my lunch today:

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